Very Useful Apps!

A collection of very useful (and not-so-useful in some cases) little web applications and tools by Ross

Image of Tweet Finder

Social Media Tools

Tweet Finder

A quick and simple interface to Twitter"s advanced search.

Image of WP Composer Generator

Developer Tools

WP Composer Generator

A tool to create and edit composer.json files for WordPress websites

JavaScript AlpineJS
Image of Feed Me

Social Media

Feed Me

A simple prototype of a social media cross-posting tool and RSS feed-reader

JavaScript AlpineJS
Image of Get Out

Home / Family

Get Out

A tool to help your family leave the house on time. Multiple to-do lists and a big countdown timer.

PHP Laravel Livewire
Image of JSON Database Editor

Developer Tools

JSON Database Editor

A tool for editing what I call “JSON databases”

JavaScript AlpineJS
Image of Mastodon Link

Social Media Tools

Mastodon Link

A tool that could be used to post Mastodon links to Twitter during the days that Twitter blocked such links